The Funeral and Memorial Information Council

FAMIC is a unique organization made up of the leading associations in the funeral profession, whose participation in FAMIC is based on the commitment to enhance the understanding and experience of funeral service and memorialization.

The Board of Directors is made up of representatives from each of the member associations. A staff member (where appropriate) and volunteer, represent each association on the FAMIC Board. Each member’s term is renewable after one year, each individual association determines representation for their association on the board of FAMIC. Each association’s representative serves as President of FAMIC.

This provides all of the associations have an equal voice in the decisions of FAMIC.

2018 FAMIC Board of Directors

Casket & Funeral Supply Association
George Buckley, Executive Director
Tina Houck, Schuylkill Haven Casket Company – Treasurer

International Memorialization Supply Association
Linda Darby, Trigard
Wayne Stellmach, Wilbert Funeral Services

International Order of the Golden Rule
Mark B. Allen, CAE, Executive Director
Evan Strong, Evan J. Strong Funeral Services

Monument Builders of North America
Kim Fantaci, Executive Director
Don Calhoun, Murphy Granite Carving, Inc. – FAMIC President

National Concrete Burial Vault Association
Kim Fantaci, Executive Director
Jim Wiens, CVI Funeral Supply – Secretary

National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association
Dr.Carol Williams, Executive Director
Frankie Washington, Paradise Funeral Home

National Funeral Directors Association
Christine Pepper, CAE, CEO
Ashley Cozine, Broadway Mortuary, Inc. – FAMIC President-Elect

Selected Independent Funeral Homes
Rob Paterkiewicz, CAE, IOM, CEO
Kimberly Farris-Luke, Farris Funeral Home

Life Insurers Council
Jeff Shaw, CLU, ChFC, Executive Director
Dean Lambert, Homesteaders Life Company

Kathryn Pratscher, Executive Director